Worldwide. Past Six months.

The overall amount of searches in Craigslist are steady and below Amazon. They have seen an overall consistent trend for a long time. Looking past the six month interval, Craigslist reached their peak in August 2013 and has been decreasing ever since that time.

Ebay and Craigslist are converging more as time goes by. The peak for Ebay is November 2007. The peak for Ebay is actually higher than the peak for Amazon. Their trend is less consistent and volatile unlike Amazon’s predicted peaks during the Christmas season.

United States. Past Six months.

However, more surprisingly, in terms of the scope of the United States, Craigslist has seen consistent trends on the most searched online reseller of the three online sellers. In the six month interval, Amazon has only surpassed Craigslist at its peak on July 11, 2017. Craigslists is the most searched out of the three in every state except Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Utah.